Coffee sorting of Arabica
and Robusta coffee
removing Dark, Brown,
Discoloured, Foreign
Material/Seeds, light brown.
Parboil Rice, White Rice,
brown Rice. Cleaned with
the Z+V optical sorting
machine. Maximum yield
Sorting sesame hulled to
achieve 99.98% and 99.99%
clean sesame for export.
Natural sesame 99.9%
uniformed whitish seeds
Corn sorting to remove dark
defects such as rotten corn,
sticks and foreign materials.
Consultation, sale and support for the food
processing industry, also cleaning
solutions for all agricultural produce.

NEMIS Global Services limited is in
partnership with the world renowned
producer of agricultural equipment, Sortex.
Offering sales and service of Sortex optical
sorting machines.

The latest technology, techniques,  design
and application for  guaranteed
performance,  peace of mind, remote
monitoring and superb aftercare and
Farmers, importers and exporters,
Agricultural technologists first choice in
food processing solutions.
Nemis Global services Ltd
Garki II, Abuja, Nigeria, West Africa.
P.O.Box 18883
Mobile:          +234 (0) 8051831103
LATEST NEWS     NOW AVAILABLE The A-Series optical sorter. The most efficient high capacity sorter in the market.     INQUIRE FOR DETAILS
The world's best optical sorting
machine, from the leading
manufacture SORTEX Z+ series.

What would you like us to do for
your business.

  • Product recovery
  • Export requirement
  • Open new markets for
    your products,
  • Increase your profit
  • Lowest waste possible
  • High efficiency
  • Easy maintenance
  • Local service and after
    sale care
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